We believe in social change through art and research and are committed to fostering inclusion and participation in order to give rise to new opportunities for growth.

QUINTAL is an Association of Social Promotion (APS)

that aims to promote dialogue and cross-pollination between the arts and scientific research, with particular attention to the field of ethnomusicology and anthropology, and according to a participatory methodology. Its goal is also to promote and disseminate all the variety of performing and visual arts emerging from the Portuguese-speaking countries and its diasporic communities in order to contribute to the production of knowledge about these cultures. Although this is the main objective, the association will be open to the realization of artistic and research activities related to other territories, if it can promote cultural exchange and encourage education through art. 

In many cultures, the quintal is an area outside the main house, a courtyard, where family and friends get together, have their meals, discuss a variety of topics, relax, exchange information or make important decisions. It is a meeting place that, in the intimacy of domestic space, manages to be welcoming to outside visitors as well. The name of the association is allusive to this inclusive and participatory environment, and thus we hope to propose, in a broader and transnational dimension, a way of experiencing and disseminating knowledge in a horizontal and innovative way, both to its members and to a general public.